“Typically, when I have anything related to structural engineering, Classic is the first that I call. Classic understands our process of putting information together, from concept to construction documents. Their team always does a great job.”

Lon Tiffany, Design Department Manager - Dan Vos Construction



“From a customer relationship standpoint, they just get it. They design smartly and efficiently. I like to classify them as user friendly. We’ve used them for the small 100-room Fairfield Inn and Suites in South Bend, Indiana and larger projects like a 350-room Westin Hotel in Atlanta. Both full service and select service. They’re willing to listen to subcontractors and they are conscientious about pricing. Classic designs efficiently compared to other engineers who over-design to cover their backsides and put in crazy factors that drive pricing up. Efficient, correct and smart design, not over the top. Classic Engineering fits into our teamwork atmosphere. Their design works perfectly with the culture of the way Concord develops. Now we don’t use many other engineering firms unless there’s some reason we have to.” 

Carl Hren, Senior Vice President of Development - Concord Hospitality