Structural Engineering


Structural Engineering and So Much More

A Classic Engineering-designed structure has the strength to withstand building loads, forces of nature and surface integrity, while meeting the expectations of owners and architects for cost and efficiency.

Our building design incorporates extensive knowledge of construction and fabrication practices and architectural building envelope design while considering such factors as:


Engineering Applications

  • Building occupancy loads

  • Forces of Nature

    • Wind

    • Rain

    • Snow

    • Seismic Activity

  • Strength of Materials

    • Soils

    • Concrete

    • Steel

    • Wood

    • Composites



Other Applications

Our engineers also assist building owners and sub-contractors for such needs as:

  • Crane Runway Design

  • Floor capacity analysis

  • Storage Rack analysis

  • Structural analysis for new HVAC equipment

  • Refrigeration Equipment Platforms

  • Mezzanines and catwalk design

  • Shoring Design for Renovation Demolition

  • Structural Steel Erection work plans related to crane
    placement and handling of large trusses



Professional Services

Our engineers are engaged in other ways outside of building related design.

  • Insurance investigations

  • Real Estate Inspections

  • Homeowner Consultation

  • Life Safety Systems for fall protection

  • Assessments for Solar Array Installations



Building Design: From the Ground Up

Our engineers enjoy being engaged on projects from conception through completed construction while working with architects and design-build entities. We design foundation and framing systems that meet the needs of the project, making use of a wide spectrum of construction materials and structural systems including:

  • Conventional and deep foundations.

  • Concrete, Steel, Masonry & Timber framing systems.

  • Light Gage Metal Stud Framing systems

  • Construction Observations


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