Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Keeps Your Buildings in the “Comfort Zone”

Our engineers design temperature controlled systems to keep occupants comfortable in high-rise hotels, office buildings, restaurants, retail stores, places of worship, schools and multi-family housing. Classic Engineering’s mechanical design can be found in new construction and in complex renovation projects of “classic” old buildings.

Classic Engineering’s mechanical engineers bring years of experience to designing everything from chilled water systems for schools to laying out ductwork for split system furnaces serving an office building. Regardless of the size of a project, we can design a system that is appropriate for the building and fits within the owner's budget.

For environmentally conscientious building designs and owners seeking LEED certification, our mechanical engineers create systems that take advantage of sustainable design practices to provide an energy-efficient system.

A sampling of Classic Engineering mechanical engineering work includes:

  • Forced air heating and cooling (constant volume)

    • Split system furnaces and condensing units

    • Packaged rooftop units

  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) cooling with reheat (hot water or electric)

    • Packaged rooftop units with DX cooling

    • Indoor air handling units with DX or chilled water coils

  • Radiant floor heating

  • Hydronic snowmelt

  • Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRF) heating and cooling

  • Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP) with boiler and fluid cooler

  • General ventilation and heating for warehouses


In many instances, our mechanical work is coupled with the plumbing engineering associated with a building, but we can do either discipline independent of the other. Whether we are plumbing a handful of fixtures for a couple of toilet rooms in an office suite or designing the entire plumbing system for a high-rise hotel, we have the expertise to get the water in and the waste out.

A sampling of Classic Engineering plumbing engineering work includes:

  • Domestic cold water sizing and distribution

  • Domestic hot water generation, sizing and distribution

  • Sanitary piping

  • Storm piping

  • Natural gas pipe sizing and distribution

Our work in Michigan and outside the state requires us to be familiar with codes across the country so that we can be compliant with the range of differences in local requirements such as energy efficiency and even anchoring of equipment in hurricane zones.

Classic Engineering works primarily with architects and also works directly with owners and mechanical or plumbing contractors in a design/build capacity. We are just as capable of fine tuning a design that the contractor brings to us as we are starting from the beginning. We look at it as it’s our job to put you and your end users “in the comfort zone.”


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